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The Faculty for Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Sarajevo on October 4 and 5, 2021, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Faculty, within the traditional, now 19th Days of Criminal Justice Sciences, organizes the International Scientific Conference CFS 2021 (Crimen-Forensis-Securitas 2021) with the general theme "Pandemic Covid 19 - Response of the science to the challenge of the century".

Adapting to the new circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Faculty for Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies is organizing this year's conference as a hybrid conference, primarily in the online mode via the web portal In this way, although in different conditions, we continue the tradition of holding an international scientific conference and connecting the academic community, scientists, researchers, students, professionals and all individuals interested in scientific fields that we study and develop at our faculty.

The Covid-19 pandemic has become an ‘unprecedented crisis’ and continues to pose one of the greatest challenges to all of humanity. The lost human lives and numerous other negative consequences that the pandemic has caused so far, require an urgent response, not only from health workers, but also from all other professionals, who can only work together to provide a possible response to the crisis. For this reason, we expect that within the International Scientific Conference "Pandemic Covid-19 - Response of the science to the challenge of the century" many employees of the academic sector, but also other sectors, contribute to finding possible solutions and answers to many challenges which pandemic Covid-19 set to humanity. We expect the conference to make a significant contribution to recognition and prevention of the negative consequences of the crisis that is still ongoing.

Therefore, we invite all interested parties, not only from the field of social sciences, but also from all other scientific disciplines, to participate in this year's conference and submit abstracts.



Prof. dr Admir Hadžikadunić, Chairman of the Board
Viši ass. dr. sc. Adnan Fazlić, Secretary of the Board


Prof. dr Dina Bajraktarević Pajević
Prof. dr Marija Lučić-Ćatić
Prof. dr Muamer Kavazović
Doc. dr Elvira Čekić
Doc. dr Edita Hasković
Viši ass. dr. sc. Nerma Halilović-Kibrić
Viši ass. Sandra Kobajica
Ass. Kenan Hodžić
Ass. Mirza Buljubašić
Predrag Puharić
Zlatan Čakal
Edina Ibrišević
Imran Polovina
Mirela Mujović



Prof. Dr. Lada Sadikovic, Chairman of the Board
Ermina Bakić, Secretary of the Board

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Ahić
Prof. Dr. Muamer Kavazović
Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Bojanic
Doc. Dr. Elvira Čekić
Prof. Dr. Goran Kovacevic
Prof. Dr. Sakib Softić
Prof. Dr. Marija Lucic-Catic
Prof. Dr. Dina Bajraktarevic Pajevic
Prof. Dr. Darko Datzer
Doc. Dr. Edita Haskovic
Prof. Dr. Almir Maljevic
Prof. Dr. Ratko Duev
Prof. Dr. Oliver Bakreski
Prof. Dr. Vancho Kenkov
Prof. Dr. Andrej Sotlar
Prof. Dr. Gorazd Meshko
Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipovic
Doc. Dr. Ivan Toth
Doc. Dr. Ivan Nadj
Dr.sci. Krunoslav Borovec
Prof. Dr. Zelimir Kesetovic
Prof. Dr. Zoran Kekovic
Prof. Dr. Milan Zarkovic
Prof. Dr. Zvonimir Ivanovic

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